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Physical Exams Specialist

Saddle River Medical Group LLC

Michael Kasper, MD

Internist & Cardiologist located in Saddle River, NJ

Annual physicals provide important information that can guide healthcare throughout life. At the Saddle River Medical Group in Saddle River, NJ, Dr. Kaspar provides comprehensive physical exams for patients from throughout the Bergen County area to help them manage their health at every age.

Physicals Q&A

What happens during a physical exam?

First, patients will be asked to update or complete a health history including information about themselves and their immediate family members. Weight and blood pressure will be recorded, and any current symptoms will be reviewed. The heart and lungs will be listened to, and the abdomen will be evaluated for areas of tenderness or swelling. The eyes, ears, and throat will also be checked. Additional evaluations may also be performed on a patient-by-patient basis. If lab work has been performed prior to the appointment, those results will be discussed, and treatment or lifestyle recommendations will be reviewed.

Why do I need to have a physical every 12 months?

Having an annual physical is important because it provides an ongoing record of a patient's health which can be compared from year to year to look for subtle signs that could indicate the presence of a disease or other condition. Delaying a physical means that disease will have a longer period to progress, which can make treatment more complicated. Annual exams can also help ensure health care evolves with the changes a patient experience as he or she gets older. And that vaccine, screenings and other types of preventive care are administered on schedule. Finally, annual exams enable patients to ask questions about their care and discuss health-related concerns on a routine basis.

What do I need to do to prepare for a physical exam?

First, patients need to be ready to provide an in-depth medical history that includes personal health information as well as information about acute and chronic illnesses or diseases of immediate family members. It's also important to have a list of all medications and supplements the patient is taking, including vitamins and nutritional supplements and aspirin therapy. Sometimes, lab work may be required prior to an exam appointment, and scheduling labs at least a week in advance of the exam can help ensure the results are available once the appointment date arrives.

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