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Preventive Care Specialist

Saddle River Medical Group LLC

Michael Kasper, MD

Internist & Cardiologist located in Saddle River, NJ

Preventive care plays a critical role in helping people stay healthy and avoid serious diseases. Dr. Kaspar is a trusted provider of preventive care services for patients at Saddle River Medical Group in Saddle River, NJ, helping men and women from throughout Bergen County maintain optimal health at every age.

Preventative Care Q&A

What is preventive care?

Preventive care includes all the medical care and treatments that help patients prevent serious diseases and illnesses. It includes medical tests to look for early signs of disease as well as screening assessments to determine if patients have risk factors that make it more likely they will develop diseases. While visits for sick patients focus on treating diseases and conditions that are already present, preventive care is focused on helping patients stay as healthy as possible through medical care and lifestyle changes aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle.

What are health screenings?

Screenings are medical tests and assessments that determine a person's risk for developing diseases or diagnose a disease before it begins to present symptoms. They can include blood tests, urine tests, and other medical tests, as well as physical evaluations and a review of lifestyle habits, including diet, smoking, and physical activity levels. Many serious conditions can be prevented or better managed when the diseases are caught in their earliest stages, and routine screenings can help make this possible. Several different types of health screenings are available. A careful review of each patient's history and other factors like age and lifestyle can help determine which screenings are recommended for optimal health at every stage of life.

How often do I need a preventive care exam?

Most preventive care services can be provided during a routine annual physical. However, if a patient has risk factors for diseases or develops specific symptoms, preventive care visits may need to be made more frequently to maintain the best possible health.

Are the costs of preventive care covered by insurance?

Because preventive care is aimed at preventing more serious medical conditions that can be much more costly to treat, most insurance plans do provide coverage for some or even all costs, including office visits and medical screenings and tests. Coverage can vary widely from one plan to another, and contacting the plan administrator is the best way to determine which services are covered under the plan.


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